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Moab trails need your letter of support

Moab gets a 'set back' in the otherwise-promising Public Lands Initiative; Comments due by March 31

Members of Ride with Respect know that we rarely ask you to write letters during public-comment periods. Well this is one of those exceptions, as it will affect the future of trails around Moab. The sooner the better, so please comment now!


Two years ago, Representative Rob Bishop gave counties in Eastern Utah the opportunity to propose legislation that would resolve long-standing controversies on public lands, most of which are administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This Public Lands Initiative has the potential to designate OHV recreation areas along with designating wilderness for non-mechanized use, to open new routes along with closing old ones, and to prevent future closures and national-monument proclamations by future presidents that would otherwise undermine the compromises that are currently being reached.

Last year in Moab, the Grand County Council drafted a relatively-balanced proposal:


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