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URGENT ALERT: Road Usage Fee pilot program heading to Governor


Bill to create "Road Usage Fee" pilot program approved by legislature Bill on its way to Governor's desk

Legislation (S.B. 1077) to establish an advisory committee to study a road usage fee was approved by the California Assembly and Senate. The bill now goes to the governor for his approval or veto. Under the bill, the group would propose the tax as an alternative to the gas tax and make recommendations on the design of a pilot program.

We Urge You to Contact Governor Jerry Brown Immediately To Voice Your Opinion on S.B. 1077


State releases report on OHV fund investigation

An investigation that began in July 2012 regarding the under-reporting of OHV and State Parks funds was concluded recently. California Deputy Attorney General Thomas M. Patton writes in his report that, "This investigation has yielded no evidence that any OHV monies were ever intentionally hidden."

CA4WDC is formulating a response to this issue. Visit this link to view the full reports and other information regarding the investigation:

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