North California Access Issues

Bramham writes his last report

jim-bramham copyIt is with a wide range of emotion that I write what will be my last report as your NRC. It is been both a pleasure and an honor to serve the association and the interests of OHV in this capacity. I especially appreciate the Board of Directors and our Presidents Mark Cave and Steve Egbert for their leadership. The BOD is an ever-changing group with a broad range of responsibilities. They absolutely cannot do all the things that need to be done for this association by themselves. We as members need to support them and show them our appreciation. The association needs your help in many ways, the foremost of which is to increase our membership. This association means something to you, or you wouldn't belong! Share that with your friends and fellow four-wheelers and add them to our membership. Simple math says if we each get one person to join we would double the size of the association. It is easier than you think!

Our association has a rich history and an even brighter future. The recent BOD meeting was a clear example of that future. The positive tone and cooperation have returned to all our recent meetings but was especially good to see at the BOD level. I have seen great progress in healing our relationships both internally and externally over the past several years. We are poised once again to take the leadership roles within the OHV community that will benefit our association and OHV in general.

I will continue in many of the capacities that I have volunteered for within the association. I truly enjoy leading the SUV runs at both Winter Fun Festival and Sierra Trek. I will be available to Jeff Blewett as he begins his role as the North NRC. I've known Jeff for many years and have every faith that he will do an outstanding job in this role. Congratulations Jeff!

My role as grandparent has made me take a different view of life and health. It is become apparent that some changes need to be made to ensure I can be in their lives as long as possible. It is through this lens that I reevaluated the position of NRC. I believe that I leave it much better than I found it and made some very positive contributions along the way. Thank you all for your support throughout the years. Happy trails to you all, Jim.

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