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Comments on USMC's plans for Johnson Valley due September 15

Jeep on obstacle at Johnson Valley. Photo by John Ingenito.

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On September 6, the BLM and US Marines Corp conducted field visits to three sites that the USMC has proposed as company objective sites in the Shared Use Area of Johnson Valley. Two of the three proposed sites will be used for training two months each year during times that the Shared Use Area of Johnson Valley is under exclusive use by the USMC for training exercises. Each proposed site is approximately 22 acres. The proposed sites will have berms of earth constructed approximately 150 meters end-to-end.

Comments have been requested on the preferred proposed "company objective" areas. CA4WDC endorses the use of Objective Areas #1 and #2 as defined on the map. CA4WDC has submitted comments on behalf of its members; however, we are encouraging all concerned users to submit comments of their own.


Nightmare at Nightmare Gulch

nightmare-gulch-trespass-1While on patrol on June 11th, State Parks Law Enforcement discovered a significant amount of 4X4 off-road damage at the north end of Nightmare Gulch in Red Rock Canyon State Park. It appears that a group of unknown off-roaders blazed their own path to follow the boundary fence line and find its weak spots. They were successful, and entered Nightmare Gulch during the birds of prey nesting closure.

This was a large group of people in 4X4’s who collectively decided to violate state law. It is estimated this happened within the last two weeks, and there were at least eight vehicles in the group. See attached pictures showing the damage. 


Marines detail plan for Johnson Valley

Reprinted from The Desert Sun, May 8, 2014

YUCCA VALLEY – Off-road enthusiasts, conservationists and local residents got their first look Wednesday night at the new configuration of Johnson Valley after Congress handed over 132,000 acres of the off-road recreation area to the Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center in Twentynine Palms.

About 25 people attended a joint presentation by the Bureau of Land Management and the Marine Corps during a meeting at the Yucca Valley Community Center.

On Dec. 26, President Barrack Obama signed the National Defense Authorization Act of 2014, appropriating 79,000 acres to the combat center for exclusive military use, 53,000 acres for shared use by the public and the combat center, and designated the balance of the area — 43,000 acres — as the Johnson Valley Off-Highway Vehicle Recreation Area.


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