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Friends of Oceano Dunes win Air Pollution Control District lawsuit

Entrance signs at Oceano SVRA

Court rules against Oceano SVRA dust rule

After three years of litigation challenging the Oceano Dunes “dust rule,” the 2nd Appellate Court in Ventura ruled Monday that the San Luis Obispo County Air Pollution Control District (APCD) does not have the power to regulate air emissions at state parks through the permit process.


Moab trails need your letter of support

Moab gets a 'set back' in the otherwise-promising Public Lands Initiative; Comments due by March 31

Members of Ride with Respect know that we rarely ask you to write letters during public-comment periods. Well this is one of those exceptions, as it will affect the future of trails around Moab. The sooner the better, so please comment now!


Two years ago, Representative Rob Bishop gave counties in Eastern Utah the opportunity to propose legislation that would resolve long-standing controversies on public lands, most of which are administered by the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). This Public Lands Initiative has the potential to designate OHV recreation areas along with designating wilderness for non-mechanized use, to open new routes along with closing old ones, and to prevent future closures and national-monument proclamations by future presidents that would otherwise undermine the compromises that are currently being reached.

Last year in Moab, the Grand County Council drafted a relatively-balanced proposal:


BLM releases draft plan to designate OHV routes in West Mojave Area

Public meetings next week

BLM has released a Draft Amendment to the California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) Plan and Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement (SEIS) for the West Mojave Route Network Project (WMRNP), providing guidance and management direction for over three million acres of public lands in San Bernardino, Inyo, Kern, Riverside and Los Angeles counties in California.

The preferred alternative of the WMRNP SEIS includes a larger OHV trail network than the network approved under the 2006 WEMO Plan, but also proposes to close approximately 2,000 more miles of additional routes. The preferred alternative would designate 10,428 miles (currently 5,338 miles) of motorized routes as open and would designate 4,404 miles of routes as closed (currently 2,400 miles). The number of miles closed and open would change because BLM has additionally reviewed 7,214 miles that currently have no route-specific designation, but are presumed closed.

The WMRNP SEIS will form the framework for route designation in the West Mojave area, consistent with the rest of the West Mojave Plan.  The West Mojave Plan is a federal land use plan amendment adopted in 2006, that as stated by BLM: (1) presents a comprehensive strategy to conserve and protect the desert tortoise, the Mohave ground squirrel and over 100 other sensitive plants and animals and the natural communities of which they are a part, and (2) provides a streamlined program for complying with the requirements of the California and Federal Endangered Species Acts.

Public Comments
Comments on the WMRNP SEIS must be received by June 4, 2015. It is important that OHV enthusiasts get involved in the planning process by contacting BLM staff. Submit public comments by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by mail to: BLM California Desert District, Attn: WMRNP Plan Amendment, 22835 Calle San Juan de Los Lagos, Moreno Valley, CA 92553.


Los Padres NF seeking comments on OHV grants

Los Padres National Forest officials today announced that recreation managers are seeking public comments on proposals for the State of California Off-Highway Vehicle (OHV) grant program.

Los Padres National Forest is proposing to submit four grant applications, including projects for ground operations, law enforcement, OHV route maintenance planning, and Ballinger Campground toilet replacement.

The State is using an Internet-based “On-Line Grant Application” process as the means to apply for grant funding.  Preliminary applications are due March 2, 2015. This will open a month-long public review and comment period which runs from March 3, 2015, to April 6, 2015. The final grant applications are due May 4, 2015.


BLM announces intent to prepare environmental review for Ocotillo Wells SVRA

Public meetings March 18 and 21

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) today published a Notice of Intent (NOI) to conduct an environmental review for the Ocotillo Wells Recreation Area in Imperial County.

The BLM will prepare an environmental impact statement to analyze the efficiency and effectiveness of resource and recreation management at the Ocotillo Wells State Vehicular Recreation Area (SVRA) and a proposed amendment to the BLM California Desert Conservation Area (CDCA) Plan. The California State Parks, who manage the SVRA through a Memorandum of Understanding, will jointly prepare an environmental impact report for their General Plan update.


Coastal Commission wants habitat conservation plan for Oceano Dunes

The Coastal Commission wants to see a habitat conservation plan for the Oceano Dunes State Vehicular Recreation Area completed sooner than later.

“All this goes to show we haven’t accomplished anything,” Commissioner Mary Shallenberger said about the numerous issues surrounding the operation and maintenance of the Oceano Dunes SVRA.

Shallenberger’s comments came during a lengthy permit review hearing in Shell Beach on Wednesday for the popular off-road vehicle park that hadn’t been reviewed by the commission since 2007.


Largest land use advocate groups to cultivate digital magazine

Cover of National Advocate inaugural issueIn a strong showing of solidarity, the Off Road Business Association is proud to announce the National Advocate first edition. In partnership with the largest and most active motorized recreation advocacy groups, ORBA will move toward a unified Quarterly Newsletter with a focus on developing a unified voice.

Download Issue One Here

McClintock appointed chair of House Subcommittee on Federal Lands

Congress spent much of January getting itself organized. This means appointing committee members and subcommittee members as well as adopting procedural rules for each committee. This process also involves hiring new staff for the various committees.

Of particular interest to us is the fact that Rep. Tom McClintock (R-CA) is the new chairman of the House Subcommittee on Federal Lands, formerly known the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation. (We prefer the new name.) We have worked with Rep. McClintock and his staff on a number of issues over the years and believe he has a very good understanding of our issues. He replaces Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) as subcommittee chair since Rep. Bishop has moved up to become the Chairman of the full committee. With Chairman Bishop and Subcommittee Chair McClintock, the House Resources Committee has a strong team of leaders in place and we look forward to active engagement with them over the course of the next two years.

Link to article:

Trespass laws to be enforced at popular OHV site

The Red Bluff Police Department announced Wednesday it would begin enforcing trespassing laws on a piece of property located at Walnut Street and Baker Road that is frequently used by all-terrain vehicles.

In a press release the department said it had been contacted by several residents in the area in regards to the constant off road traffic of dirt bikes, quads and four-wheel drive vehicles that recreate in the hills of the area.

The Tehama County Air Pollution Control District has also investigated complaints regarding the amount of dust in the air.


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