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Registration Information

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We are using a new registration system this year for Sierra Trek. You will need to establish a new account that is separate from our regular online store. Questions or problems? Contact Suzy at

  1. Go to Click on the "Register Now button". 
  2. Start your registration by entering your email address and select the type of registration (adult or child). You will need to register each person separately. Click continue when finished.
  3. The next step will ask you to create a password. This will allow you to go back later and change your registration if necessary.
  4. Enter your contact information and click continue.
  5. Choose the run option that you would like and click continue.
  6. The last step allows you to purchase T-shirts for everyone in your party.
  7. If you are finished with your registration go ahead and check out. If you have more people to add, click the "Add another person" link and select the appropriate options.
  8. When you are all finished check out as usual.

Register online for Sierra Trek

Camp Map

Sierra Trek 2010

Noxious Weeds

US Forest Service logoThe USDA Forest Service has requested that all vehicles that would run on the Fordyce Jeep Trail be washed immediately prior to the event. This is a preventative measure to help prevent the introduction and spread of noxious weeds such as yellow star thistle. Vehicles can spread weeds from one site to another by carrying plant parts and seeds.

When a vehicle is driven through a weed-infested area, weed seeds may become lodged between the tire treads, in the coils of a winch, behind the license plate, or in cracks and crevices on the underside of the vehicle. Seeds may travel hundreds of miles before becoming dislodged in an area where the weeds were not previously found. The source of many weed infestations has been traced to roads, trails, railroads, and other travel ways.

To prevent the spread of weeds from vehicles participating in the Sierra Trek event, thoroughly wash the undercarriage and tire-tread of the vehicle to remove seeds and bits of vegetation. This material may have been picked up during the last run or from where the vehicle was last parked. Noxious weeds such as yellow star thistle are common in urban areas and along the highways leading to the Sierra Trek event.