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Panamint Valley Days Runs

This year’s EVENT is going to be full of RUNS!!

We are dividing PANAMINT VALLEY into two parts: The west side and the east side of the Valley.

East Side (Panamint Range)

  • Jail Canyon
  • Jackpot Canyon
  • Pleasant Canyon
  • South Park to Briggs Cabin
  • Goler Wash
  • Mengle Pass and Keystone
  • Goler Gulch

West Side (Argus Range - closest to camp)

  • Lookout City
  • Defense Mine
  • Cummings Cutoff
  • Snow Canyon
  • Slate Range Crossing (historic)
  • Isham Canyon

More info can be found here


Register online for Panamint Valley Days

Read report on PVD by the Gear Grinders

Getting There

Panamint 2012

Panamint Info

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