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8120 36th Ave.
Sacramento, CA 95824


SINCE 1959

About Cal4Wheel

We're the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. Since 1959, our not for profit organization has actively promoted the advancement of vehicle-oriented outdoor recreation. We are the largest organization of this type in California and represent owners of all makes and models of 4WD vehicles, as well as non-owners who support responsible vehicle-oriented recreation.


We maintain a full-time office in Sacramento. Our staff and volunteers work closely with legislators and land use managers to provide input, influence, expertise, and manpower to keep lands open to 4WD vehicle access. Many successful battles have been waged and won to keep trails open all over the state. We keep our members informed about important issues and changing laws through our bimonthly magazine, In Gear, and regular email updates.


Members enjoy association-sponsored events all year round. These events cover every type of terrain in every corner of the state. Whether you are interested in extremely challenging "hard rock" trails for the experienced enthusiast, or milder runs for the new four-wheeler, we have several events just for you. Many of our member clubs also sponsor monthly runs open to all.


Our members are active in conservation projects throughout California. Projects, which are coordinated with local agencies, can range from tree planting to removing junk cars from remote areas, from closing off entrances of hazardous mine shafts to repairing trail damage. We have received national recognition by winning "Take Pride in California" awards, and "Volunteers For Public Lands" national awards. Many clubs also have Adopt-A-Trails that they maintain.


The association conducts its business by holding quarterly board of directors and district meetings. Members are welcome and encouraged to attend all meetings, and clubs are asked to send a delegate to their district meetings.

The meeting schedules are as follows:

  • January - District Meetings
  • February - Board of Directors meeting held at annual Convention
  • April - District Meetings
  • May or June - Board of Directors meeting
  • July - District Meetings
  • August or September - Board of Directors Meeting
  • October - District Meetings
  • November - Board of Directors Meeting

For a complete list of the meeting dates and locations, please visit the event calendar

Board of Directors

The association is governed by a volunteer board of directors. These volunteers are tasked with monitoring the daily operation, managing finances, planning events, hiring employees and contractors, setting long-term goals for the organization, representing us at meetings, and raising funds.

The membership is divided into three districts along county lines: North, Central, and South. Each district is assigned three officers.

Every quarter, the board of directors holds a meeting to discuss association business. The meetings are usually held at the association office, but the location can vary. Check our calendar for meeting dates.

State Officers

North District Officers

Central District Officers

South District Officers

Governing Documents

Documents and forms pertaining to the operation of the association.

Cal4Wheel Bylaws

You must log in to our portal to download the bylaws. You will find them on the Forum page under the Resources link. You do not need to be a Cal4Wheel member to create an account.

Cal4Wheel Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

You must log in to our portal to download the SOPs. You will find them on the Forum page under the Resources link. You do not need to be a Cal4Wheel member to create an account.

  • New Club Kit

    Thinking about forming a new Cal4Wheel club? This kit has everything you need to get started, including sample bylaws, guidelines, and safety tips.

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