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Red sticker program changes effect new bike sales

| Jim Bramham, North District Vice President | Access Issues

All currently registered Red Stickered vehicles, which includes almost half of off-road motorcycles, a few small quads and very few side-by-sides will be grandfathered into the Green Sticker Program in 2025. This will allow year round legal riding for these vehicles in all California OHV areas.

The Red Sticker Program was created to address issues in areas of air quality non-attainment. Competition bikes and many 2-stroke engines could not meet the California Air Quality Board (CARB) air quality requirements. These vehicles were lumped under a special Red Sticker Program that allowed them to operate only at specific times of the year in non-attainment areas.

As it turned out, the prime riding season in many of these areas corresponded with the Red Stickers' allowed months This made the Red Sticker a less than viable tool for air quality assurance. CARB was frustrated with the number of non-compliant bikes being sold in California and primarily used for recreation and not racing or competition.

Years of discussions have ensued to find a fair and equitable way to finish out the Red Sticker Program and ensure the sales of more compliant bikes.

The grandfather clause is a huge gift to all of us who own Red Sticker bikes allowing us to continue to register, own, operate as well as legally buy and sell them.

California is a huge market for the motorcycle industry, and just as they did with the outlawing of - wheelers and the end of 2-stroke quads, they will find a way to bring high performance, fast, and fun equipment to their showrooms all while meeting the CARB requirements. This won't be overnight, but industry has known this was on the way. The R&D shops are working to be first to fill this market void.

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