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Conservation Agreement

Cable Logging

Logging that involves the transport of logs from stump to collection points by means of suspended steel cables. Cable logging reduces the need for the construction of logging roads.


The part of any stand of trees represented by the tree crowns. It usually refers to the uppermost layer of foliage, but it can be use to describe lower layers in a multi-storied forest.

Categorical Exclusion (CX or CE)

A category of actions (identified in agency guidance) that do not individually or cumulatively have a significant effect on the human environment, and for which neither an environmental assessment nor an EIS is required (40 CFR 1508.4).


A hole in a tree often used by wildlife species, usually birds, for nesting, roosting, and reproduction.


Council on Environmental Quality


Code of Federal Regulations

Chemical Control

The use of pesticides and herbicides to control pests and undesirable plant species. Clear Cut: A harvest in which all or almost all of the trees are removed in one cutting.

Citizen Wilderness Proposal (CWP)

Areas that have been inventoried and proposed for Wilderness designation by citizens.

Clear Cut

A harvest in which all or almost all of the trees are removed in one cutting.
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