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Items starting with G

Game Species

Any species of wildlife or fish that is harvested according to prescribed limits and seasons.

Gateway communities

Communities that are economically and socially interdependent on the associated public lands. Proximity to these lands contributes to the quality of life and sense of place for residents and visitors.

Geographic Information System (GIS)

A computer system capable of storing, analyzing, and displaying data and describing places on the earth's surface. GIS is both a database designed to handle geographic data as well as a set of computer operations that can be used to analyze the data. In a sense, GIS can be thought of as a higher order map.


The science that deals with the relief features of the earth's surface.

Geomorphic Processes

Processes that change the form of the earth, such as volcanic activity, running water, and glacial action.

Geophysical Exploration

Efforts to locate deposits of oil and gas resources and to better define the sub-surface.


Geographic Information System


A broad statement of a desired outcome. Goals are usually not quantifiable and may not have established time frames for achievement.

Ground Fire

A fire that burns along the forest floor and does nor affect trees with thick bark or high crowns.