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Management Framework Plan


Memorandum of Understanding

National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (NFLRMP)

Also called the Forest Plan or just the Plan, this document guides the management of a particular National Forest and establishes management standards and guidelines for all lands of that National Forest.

National Forest Management Act of 1976 (NFMA)

NFMA is the primary statute governing the administration of National Forests. NFMA requires the Secretary of Agriculture to assess forest lands, develop management programs based on multiple-use and sustained yield principles, and implement a Land and Resource Management Plan for each National Forest.


National Environmental Policy Act


National Forest recreation sites that have been inventoried.


National Marine Fisheries Service

No Surface Occupancy (NSO)

A fluid minerals leasing constraint that prohibits occupancy or disturbance on all or part of the lease surface to protect special values or uses. Lessees may exploit the fluid mineral resources under the leases restricted by this constraint through use of directional drilling from sites outside the NSO area.


Notice of Availability