Hi Desert Round-Up

Memorial Day weekend and marks the start of summer. For those of us in Cal4Wheel, it is also the time for the Hi Desert Round-Up (HDR).


Steve Moreno

Mike Hardy

Hi Desert Round-Up 2015
Genright is this year's Hi Desert Round-Up title sponsor

Trails, games, camping & more!

  • About HDR

    By Angela Cook

    NOTE: The information below describes the 2018 event.

    Held on Memorial Day weekend, this will be HDR 47, and we have had a lot of changes over the years. We have held the event in a few different locations, but the best one so far (in my humble opinion) is at the Slash X Ranch in Barstow. We also do some things the same way, but I’ll start with the changes.

    This year, we will be charging a few more dollars, BUT you will get one free T-shirt with each preregistration! You will still be able to order more shirts, and we will have a small amount available to purchase on-site. But, if you wait till you get there to register, we will not be offering the free T-shirt, so be sure to preregister and get your shirts!

    Barbecue dinners for Saturday night will be available for $10 per plate. Be sure to order them when you preregister because a limited number will be available on-site.

    Something else new this year is that we have a new Co-Chair. Steve Moreno will be joining Keith Graham to run the event. Steve is our new South District membership chair, and HDR is his first event (to chair), so make sure to find him and tell him what a great job he is doing, because I know he will! Keith is a veteran at this and always does a great job!

    We will still be doing the games on Sunday, both for adult and for the kids. You can test your rig on the RTI ramp, the teeter totter, or you can get your passenger cooled down at the wet lap game, which will be hosted By GenRight Off Road. If you would like to see a retired game come back, feel free to offer to run it! We can always use volunteers.

    Another staple throughout the years is the raffle. We are working hard to make the raffle a successful one, and we can use help from all of you to do it. BFG, a long-time corporate sponsor for Cal4Wheel, is now going to include an extra tire to their prize! So you could win 5 tires instead of just 4, and they will now go up to size 37”. That’s worth the price of a few extra raffle tickets!

    Donations of money or product are always much-appreciated. Please let Mike Hardy of Hemet Jeep Club know if you, your club or your company would like to donate so we can get your name or logo in the program.

    Things are always subject to change, so check the website before you go. We are all volunteers, but we try to run things as smoothly as possible. Patience and a good attitude make for a great event!

  • Registration

    Vehicle registration is $55 members/$65 non-members and includes:

    • Your choice of run
    • One free T-shirt
    • One dash plaque
    • One raffle ticket
    • Camping
    • Games
    • Raffle

    Meals are available for sale onsite.

    Onsite registration will be an additional $10. Shirts will also be in limited supply onsite.

  • Runs

    A wide variety of runs will be available for every vehicle and driver level.

    Sign-ups for the runs will be available at the event in the registration area.

    For a complete list of the runs that may be offered, see this link.

  • Safety Requirements

    All vehicles will be required to pass Cal4Wheel's safety inspection prior to participating in any event runs.

    Refer to this link for a list of the requirements.

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