Are you a Cal4Wheel member? If not, why not?

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By Suzy Johnson, In Gear Editor/Webmaster

Keeping public lands open in the United States is a game of numbers. Our opponents have hundreds of thousands more than we do, and millions more in their war chests. How have they been so successful? Because people think they are doing something good when they give their green to the Sierra Club.

While the 'greenies' are sitting back feeling all warm and fuzzy because they paid their dues, those of us who like to put rubber on the dirt instead of boot soles are down in the trenches fighting on a shoestring. There are so many OHV groups going in all different directions, asking for money, begging for volunteers, and always asking their members to contact their lawmakers. You would have to write a lot of checks to a lot of OHV organizations to get that same warm and fuzzy feeling. So instead, you may choose to just 'lurk'. You get newsletters for free, you can go to our events, you still have trails that you can use, so why join?

Why? Because we need you. The electronic newsletter actually costs money. The events are put on year after year, often by the same core group of volunteers who have helped for decades, and they are tired. And don't even get me started on what it took (and still takes) to keep your local trail systems available to you. Someone has to do it, why not you?

Sure, you could send your dues to a national organization that seems like a good choice. We actually hope you do. But if your funds are limited and you only have one or two OHV organizations that you can support, why not join us? We know your trails because we use them too. We know your legislators because they are our legislators too. And we know how the state government works because we live here too. We have won some battles, and with your help we can win some more.

For just $45 per year (less than $4 per month), you can get that warm and fuzzy feeling that you are helping with the numbers game, and you are doing something good. Why not?

Join/renew here:

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