Remember the Days?

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:unsure: I first attended the Sierra Trek back in the mid 70's, and our club ran the trail with 29 inch tall tires, and it was a family trip. 3 years ago I came back to run the trai, well to say the least it has changed, and after 30 years I expected it to. But we still ran the trail with one jeep with 2 inch lift and 31's and a Toyota truck with 32's. Trail was rough and took some work, but then back in the 70's it took some over 10 hours to get through. This last year you can tell it is getting away from the normal Cal4wheel member to come up and run the trail. The rock crawler, non street legal vehicles are ruining it for the average Cal4wheel member. The holes in the trail average 3 to 4 feet deep, Now maybe it had to do with a very late trail opening do to snow, or is it the vehicles (people)tearing up the trail by not following trail. Have inclosed a pic that is not Sierra Trek part. but was during the event. The pic is at winch hill 5, this vehicle spent about 20 minutes triing to climb the side causing rocks, (oulders)to be move around in the middle of the main line up to the right of the pic.
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While I would agree with you that the trail is getting more difficult, I will kindly have to disagree that its the fault of any one type of vehicle. The biggest threat to the trail is that if we don't put in the work to maintain it traffic and erosion cause holes to get deeper...

In the past few years it has become increasingly difficult for us (Friends of Fordyce) to get people out on the trail to help us work on it. I am not totally sure why that is, but if we all just sit back and point fingers saying "it's their fault" and expect the trail to be how you like it without coming out and putting some sweat hours into helping then its pot meet kettle imo.

FYI the pic you attached is from WH3

Keith Ratzburg
Friends of Fordyce - Director
Four Dice 4wdc - Founding Member

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