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Steve Morris


Steve Morris

  • Cal4Wheel's first president
  • Founding member Sacramento Jeepers
  • Founding member Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo's
  • One of the owners of Rubicon Springs
  • Cal4Wheel's Ed Dunkley Medal of Honor in 2014
  • Rubicon Trail Foundation award winner
  • Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame 2019 inductee

Cal4Wheel's First President

Steve was a founding member of the California Four Wheel Drive Association in 1959, and served as its first president until 1961. We are proud to continue serving the four-wheelers of California in his honor.

Steve had dedicated his life to spreading the message on the beauty of Rubicon Springs and through ownership, making sure the Rubicon Springs is available to everyone. Steve couldn’t have written a better life script passing away at Rubicon Springs after being with his family and so many friends during the event he loved so much. Steve is the only one in the world with place of death Rubicon Springs on his certificate.

Steve Morris went out on his own turf doing what he loved.

Morris, who lived in Sacramento, owned part of the Rubicon Trail and had been on 65 of 67 Jeepers Jamborees.

He passed on July 27, 2019 at the 67th Jeepers Jamboree after giving his annual Saturday morning history talk on the trail. After he did his talk he ate lunch they asked if he wanted (something to drink), he said, ‘I would like some scotch,’ he had a sip and went through the pearly gates.

Morris was born in June 1930 and bought his first Jeep in 1954, a Willys CJ2A. In that same year he participated in his first Jeepers Jamboree on the Rubicon Trail and hasn’t missed one since. He became a legend on the trail. One of the trail’s most difficult obstacles, Morris Rock, is named after him. As a rock roller he would help vehicles get through that challenging part of the trail.

As he got older, Morris had to be talked out of rock rolling. He then turned his energy to giving a history talks about the complete history of the Rubicon Trail dating back hundreds of years. His son, Rick Morris, wrote a book, “Rubicon Springs and The Rubicon Trail: A History” in 2011. Rick will continue giving the history talks.


California Four Wheel Drive Association

Morris helped found the California Association of Four-Wheel Drive Clubs in 1959 and served as its president until 1961.

Sacramento Jeepers

In 1956 helped form the Sacramento Jeepers club.

Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo's

In 1966, he started the Lake Tahoe Hi-Lo's club where he and other volunteers in the community adopted and maintained trails in the Tahoe National Forest.

Rubicon Springs

In 1985 a group of twelve people including Morris purchased part of Rubicon Springs on the Rubicon Trail just three days before it was going to be taken over by the U.S. Forest Service.

Rubicon Trail Foundation Rock Award

Steve Morris is one of the fathers of the Rubicon Trail. Along with Mark Smith, Steve has been on the trail since the early days. Steve has spent so many years as a rock roller at the top of Cadillac Hill, the top is now known as Morris Rock. His son, Rick has written the definitive hist ory of the Rubicon Trail. As a partial owner of the Rubicon Springs, Steve has spent most of his life helping keep the Rubicon Trail open for all.

Off Road Motorsports Hall of Fame

All of his off-roading led him to be one of six inducted in 2019 to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame. The Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame announced that they will also honor Morris’ life and legacy at the awards ceremony.
Early photo
Steve Morris wins Ed Dunkley Medal of Honor
Steve at the 2017 Jeepers Jamboree
Steve Morris with flag
Steve Morris smiles for the camera
Steve Morris Jeepers Jamboree
Steve Morris in Willys