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Kingsburg club to the rescue

When I hooked up to the Win-A-Jeep transportation trailer at High Sierra Poker Run I had no idea what I would be in for on the ride home. It had a flat tire when it was unhooked in camp. I had to remove the metal and plug the hole, during an evacuation. Then when I finally got moving it was apparent that major work needed to be performed to this trailer for it to safely run up and down this state with our Win-A-Jeep.

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So, after a slow ride home I locked the Win-A-Jeep into my shop and started looking over the trailer. The Kingsburg Four Wheel Drive club stepped right up to the plate and we went to work. The brakes were scary, so we pulled them apart and since nothing looked good, we just kept digging deeper for maintenance reasons. The wheel seals were bad and full of grease in the brakes. We changed a backing plate that was incorrect, cleaned and inspected all the hubs, wheel bearing and backing plates. They all looked good, so we repacked and greased everything and installed them all with new wheel seals. By the way, the brakes work GREAT now!

We also removed the broken and falling off taillights and welded new steel light buckets on the trailer with new taillights and marker lights. While we were at it, we hooked up the rest of the lights that were not even hooked up and cleaned up a lot of the wiring that was falling off. The fenders were bent, cracked, and looked bad. They are not new, but they are welded up, straightened, and painted a little cleaner. They even replaced the breakaway battery and cleaned up some of the wiring mess underneath.

The Kingsburg Four Wheel Drive Club did all of this and even donated all the time, parts, and expenses! I am proud to be part of the Kingsburg Four Wheel Drive Club that saw that there was a need for work and just wanted to help out our organization that needed a little help because WE ARE CAL 4 WHEEL!

David is the Win-A-Jeep transportation coordinator.


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