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| Noel Park | Letters

Board needs to work together

At the recent convention in Clovis, I made a comment to the group about the obvious dramas surrounding the nominations for President. I said that it gave a clear indication of some kind of bureaucratic infighting at the top levels of Cal4. I said that this was damaging to the mission of Cal4, and asked our management team to work together to put a stop to it. Obviously, this has not happened.

I call upon all of our officers and staff to make every effort to create an environment of cooperation and working together. Everyone's opinions and ideas must be respected and differences worked out in the spirit of mutual support.

If a simple member like me can sense this dissonance from the far end of the state, plenty of others must sense it too. This is not good for member morale, retention, or recruitment.

Cal4's mission becomes more critically important every year. Every ounce of our energy must be devoted to carrying that mission forward. Discord at the highest levels of our Association wastes that energy. We need to redouble our efforts to work together in harmony.