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Why Do We Raffle Vehicles off?

Cal4wheel is a volunteer land use organization which has been around since 1959. We are comprised of 109 clubs, and individual members up and down the state that work together to promote keeping public lands open. We host 9 events throughout the year, from the snow to the desert. Additionally, we raffle a sponsored vehicle off each year. The events and vehicle are our major fund raising efforts to fund the never ending fight that is keeping trails open for all. We attend regional meetings up and down the state as well as work with lobbyists at the state level to keep informed and fight back. We also collaborate with other land use organizations to strengthen our voice to stand together. Buying raffle vehicle tickets is an easy way to donate to efforts to keep your land open for your family to enjoy!

The Fine Print

When you order your tickets online, we cannot charge in advance for the tickets due to online gambling laws. Instead we mail them to you for free and you mail them back with your donation to be entered in the drawing. Please allow up to one month for delivery. The drawing will be held on February 15, 2025 in Visalia, California. The winners need not be present to win. Tickets will be available for sale in person up to 5PM on February 15, 2025. Online ticket ordering ends January 25, 2025. Winners are responsible for all applicable taxes and transportation. This raffle is conducted by the California Four Wheel Drive Association, Inc. and is registered with the California State Attorney General's office.

If you ordered tickets by mail, you must return the stubs with payment to our office by February 11, 2025 to be entered in the drawing.

Here's what you can win!

Win this brand new Ford Bronco

First Prize

2024 Ford Bronco

ORDER BY PHONE AT (916) 381-8300

2024 Winner

Linda Downey was the winner of the 2023 Win-a-Jeep

Congratulations Susan Jackson

Thank you WARN Industries for sponsoring this past years Jeep, and 4xfred Williams for putting it all together. You guys rock!



2022 Loretta Harper

2021 Michael Thornburg

2020 Jason Thibodeau

2019 Brad & Jennifer Russell

2018 Monte Hall

2017 Jon Nelson

2016 Craig Felix

2015 Lisa Uhern

2014 David Roseberry

2013 Wilma Vick-McDaniel

2012 Lance Coffman

2011 Les Ulrich

2010 Keegan Armstrong

2009 John Bachelder

2007 Winner


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